AMBLYforce A (amblyseius andersoni)- 250 Sachets

AMBLYforce A (amblyseius andersoni)- 250 Sachets

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Beneficial Mite

  • Orders are fulfilled on Tuesdays and delivered on the following Tuesday. Orders that are received after 12 PM, MT on Tuesday will  be placed the following Tuesday and delivered ~2 weeks from order date.  
  • These shipments have live specimens so they will need to be distributed the day they are received. Biocontrols can perish in severe cold/hot conditions. Please bring inside your facility immediately upon delivery.
  • Please check bug viability and reach out within 24 hours if bugs are not viable for a replacement order. 
  • Please contact if you have any questions 

AMBLYforce™ A is a predatory mite that feeds on many soft-bodied arthropod pests.

What They Target:

  • Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae)
  • Carmine Mite (T. cinnabarinus)
  • Lewis Mite (Eotetranychus lewisi)
  • Banks Grass Mite (Oligonychius pratensis)
  • Broad Mite (Polyphagotarsonemus latus)
  • Russet/Gall/Rust Mite (Eriophyidae)
  • European/Citrus Red Mite (Panonychus spp.)
  • Thrips Larvae