Siebring Sprayers Coyote 55 Gallon
Siebring Sprayers Coyote 55 Gallon

Siebring Sprayers Coyote 55 Gallon

Please Contact urban-gro Sales for Pricing at 970-456-7620

Dual axle 55 Gallon commercial sprayer for foliar applications, drenching or power washing

55 Gallon tank with sump and continuous agitation

120v -1.5 HP Baldor Motor

2SF CAT direct drive pump up to 800 PSI and 3 GPM

  • Brass (COYOTE) or Stainless steel (COYOTESS)
  • Stainless steel is required when spraying certain chemicals that are corrosive to brass such as peroxyacetic acid*

Warranty1 year warranty on all parts for sprayers. No warranty for frozen or misused parts.

Included Accessories: 

  • Two guns for drench or spray, One drenching water breaker, Two 18" wands and one 12" wand
  • 3-Piece nozzle for high pressure washing or low pressure misting
  • 100' of 3/8" Wire braided hose and hose reel with 200' capacity
  • 12' power cord
  • 10" solid rubber tires

*Please Note: Siebring Mfgwill not warranty any sprayer with brass components that has been used to apply corrosive products. Only units manufactured with stainless steel pumps and associated components are approved for oxidizing solutions.