Argus AB150 9/32" Valve Filter Sub-Assy [4.6 LPM w/Mazzei 885X]

Argus AB150 9/32" Valve Filter Sub-Assy [4.6 LPM w/Mazzei 885X]

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Model 484 Venturi Injector uses 1/2" Male NPT connections inlet and outlet.  Venturi is Black Kynar material for maximum ozone resistance on longevity on all ozone systems.  For other materials, including stainless steel.

The Mazzei venturi injector is the most widely used method of dissolving ozone gas into water, and, for good reason.  This is the most efficient and simple method to get ozone gas to dissolve into water.

 Most ozone injection system will use a Mazzei venturi to dissolve ozone into water.  If you are replacing a venturi injector check the center of the bottom of the venturi (below the suction port) for a part number.  It will be 3 or 4 numbers long.  If you cannot find this, or if you are building your own system and need help sizing a venturi, 

Venturi Injectors use a pressure differential of the water to pull ozone gas into the water.  Using internal mixing vanes water and gas are further mixed on the outlet of the venturi.