NUTRIforce (Ephesia eggs on cards)

NUTRIforce (Ephesia eggs on cards)

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Ephestia kuehniella eggs
  • Orders are fulfilled on Tuesdays and delivered on the following Tuesday. Orders that are received after 12 PM, MT on Tuesday will be placed the following Tuesday and delivered ~2 weeks from order date.
  • These shipments have live specimens so they will need to be distributed the day they are received. Biocontrols can perish in severe cold/hot conditions. Please bring inside your facility immediately upon delivery.
  • Please check bug viability and reach out within 24 hours if bugs are not viable for a replacement order.
  • Please contact if you have any questions

It can be used as a supplemental food source to enhance the egg-laying capacity of predators such as ORIUSforce™ (Orius insidiosus) and CHRYSOforce™R (Chrysoperla rufilabris).

Food Source for the following predators:

  • ORIUSforce™ (Orius insidiosus)
  • CHRYSOforce™R (Chrysoperla rufilabris)