ORIUSforce (Orius insidiosus)
ORIUSforce (Orius insidiosus)

ORIUSforce (Orius insidiosus)

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Beneficial Insect

  • Orders are fulfilled on Tuesdays and delivered on the following Tuesday. Orders that are received after 12 PM, MT on Tuesday will be placed the following Tuesday and delivered ~2 weeks from order date.
  • These shipments have live specimens so they will need to be distributed the day they are received. Biocontrols can perish in severe cold/hot conditions. Please bring inside your facility immediately upon delivery.
  • Please check bug viability and reach out within 24 hours if bugs are not viable for a replacement order.
  • Please contact orders@urban-gro.com if you have any questions

The common name for Orius insidiosus is the minute pirate bug.
Although primarily used for thrips control, Orius are generalist predators. They will kill/eat a wide variety of tiny arthropod pests.
Please do not use them on their own to control any pest species. However, in combination with other appropriate BCAs, they are very effective at helping to reduce many pests’ populations.

What They Target:

  • Thrips spp
  • Mites spp
  • Aphids spp
  • Many Soft-bodied pests