Argus pH Probe For AB150 -12mm

Argus pH Probe For AB150 -12mm

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The SP200 has a glass body to withstand temperatures up to 110ºC and pressures up to 10 bar. It utilizes the same glass found in DynaProbe® electrodes. The glass formula allows for minimum Sodium ion interference while retaining fast response.


  • pH Bulb: HT-3 Formula, Low Sodium Ion Error
  • Reference: Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl)
  • Reference Junction: Precision made junction of specially formulated low porosity ceramic
  • Electrolyte: 3.8 Molar Potassium Chloride (KCl) Gel
  • Isopotential Point: pH 7
  • Output Signal per pH Unit @ 25ºC: Approximately 59 millivolts
  • Assymetry Potential: 0mV ±20mV
  • Temperature Range SP100 Series:Operation: -5 to 110ºC
  • Stability: Drift of less than 0.002 pH over 24 hours at constant temperature & pressure
  • Response Time at 98% of readout in: 25ºC less than15 seconds
  • Response Time at 98% of readout in: 37°C less than 10 seconds
  • Max Pressure SP100 Series: 10 bar (atm), 150 psig
  • Connector: Standard Pg13.5 threaded cap with -S8 cable attachment. O-ring sealed
  • Wetted Materials SP100 Series: Glass, Ceramic
  • Under laboratory Conditions: For High Pressure and/or High Temperature applications, request literature on Broadley-James' DynaProbe® sensor line.