TetraCURB Organic (Miticide/Insecticide) - 1 Gallon

TetraCURB Organic (Miticide/Insecticide) - 1 Gallon

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Buyer is responsible for confirming that this product's intended crop use site is consistent with the label and any additional regulatory guidelines.  All sales final except for damaged shipments which must be reported within 12 hours of receipt. 

Please Note: A HAZMAT fee will be added if more then 6 gallons are purchased at a time.

TetraCURB Organic is an OMRI-certified miticide/insecticide with a proprietary blend containing rosemary, clove, and peppermint oil for control of spider mites and small, soft-bodied insects, including but not limited to aphids and whiteflies, on all plants including food crops.


  • Quick knockdown of nymph and adult stages
  • OMRI certified
  • REI = 0-hour, for the safety of workers
  • PHI = 0-day, may be applied to crops at any time up to and including the day of Harvest
  • Residue tolerance exempt - no MRL.
  • Labeled for use on all plants and food crops
  • Minimal PPE
  • Dip application compatible on cuttings
  • Repels, suffocates, and paralyzes pests

Effective Against the Following Pests:

TetraCURB Organic is used for the treatment of the following pests: mites - thrips - aphids - whiteflies - and other small soft-bodied insects.